Ossewa Brandwag 4x4


Date: On Request

Venue: Korannaberg, South-Africa Freestate Province.

It's a nature lover's playground, with extensive grasslands on the mountain plateau and lush valley forests in several areas. The Korannaberg has a climate of extremes — very warm summers and very cold winters.

It offers a variety of 769 varieties of plant species, 52 different kinds of trees (90% of these species are evergreen), 277 bird species (among these are the Black and Marshall eagle), indigenous animal wild life that roam the grasslands freely and 7 picturesque waterfalls, making it the perfect place for bird watching, camping, hiking, mountain biking, etc.

Korannaberg has a rich bird life and it is estimated that as many as 277 species can be found in the area. Endangered species such as the Black Eagle, Cape Vulture and Martial Eagle are frequently seen roaming the air space. Some of the more typical species that can be seen, are: The Black Korhaan, Helmeted Guinea fowl, Red Capped Lark, Cape Turtle Dove, Rock Pigeon, Olive Thrush, Bokmakierie and Cape Robin.


The Korannaberg has a climate of extremes. In summer the temperature often rises to 30°C during the day and in winter the temperature often drops to below 0°C during the night. Invariably the days are beautiful and sunny. The area has an average rainfall of about 900mm per year and mostly during the summer months from October to March. Rainstorms are frequently accompanied by thunder storms in the afternoon. September, October, February, March and April are the best months to undertake a hiking tour in the area.


Korannaberg adventures, Van Zoelens hoek farm, pad stalls on route

What is included/excluded


Tag-Along Included
  • Trasport to and from Korannaberg
  • Tented accomodation
  • 7 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • 4x4 route to top of mountain
  • Activities see special notes
  • Additional activities
  • Snacks and beverages
Self-Drive Included
  • Camping spot
  • 7 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • 4x4 route to top of mountain
  • Activities see special notes
  • Fuel to and from venue
  • Additional activities
  • Snacks and beverages


Just after peak hour departure, around 08h00, after the pre-trip briefing. Our first stop will be at Kroonstad where we stretch our legs do some last minute shopping before heading to the venue. From Kroonstad up to the farm van Zoelens Hoek the road is pretty bad but it gets better as soon as we get of the tar road. We will enjoy lunch at the campsite, spend the rest of the day at your own leisure. Around the camp fire we will enjoy a great dinner and company of our fellow guests.
This is an early morning start, breakfast will be served. We will head up the mountain. This 4x4 route is a real challenge, however the guides are highly trained and familiar with their vehicles and route. On route we will explore Ox-wagon sentinels lookout posts. Tonight we will spend at the Holkrans so remember to take your sleeping bag and pillow with. We will enjoy lunch on the mountain, visit historical koi-san drawings, ossewa brandwag lookout points. At the Holkrans everyone will participate in Africa Drumming and we will have a great dinner right there in the Holkrans were we will spend the night.
Breakfast will be enjoyed before we will head back to camp, and have lunch around 12h00-13h00, we will depart from here at any reasonable time, but have to be out from the camp side area at the latest 17h00. The Tag-along group will depart at 15h00.

Special Notes and Activities

Additional fees apply to participate in certain adventure activities, as we do understand that some of these activities are no suited for everyone, please see below for included and excluded activities available on this tour/trip.

Included Activities:

  • 4x4 Route to top of mountian
  • Sleepover at Holkrans
  • African drumming

Additional Activities

  • Extreme 4x4 Route
  • Grading 3-5
  • 2 Playpens for fun
  • Quadbike adventures
  • Hiking Trails
  • Horseback riding
  • Abseiling
  • Zip-wire 210m long & 86m high
  • Paintball

Route Map

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